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 Colleen Riley: A Leap of Faith and Love
~by Lisbeth Tanz

For Colleen Riley, her life is ordinary and nothing special. But from an outsider's perspective, her life is anything but ordinary. Some might call it - and her - extraordinary. This is because Riley has chosen to adopt not one, but four, children with special needs - and she is raising them on her own.  |Read More

Frank NuberNot Sleeping? Get to the Root of the Problem
~ by Frank Nuber, RPh

Some women pass off disturbed sleep as a sign of aging or stress. Some blame caffeine or other foods that prevent them from getting a good night's rest - and they could be right.  I frequently hear complaints about disturbed sleep from women in their perimenopausal years but younger women can have the same symptoms. There are many reasons women can have disturbed sleep...|Read More

Health Savings Accounts: Coverage to Fit Your Budget and Your Way of Life
~ Kathy Beaven, Authorized Agent, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

In a world - and economic climate - that are constantly changing, it is important to have health care coverage that you can depend on.  This means coverage that fits your budget, your lifestyle and gives you more control over your medical costs. |Read More

When Seniors Text
~by Karen Duich of Village North Retirement Community

Everyone knows about FTW, BRB and LOL...but are you ready for SIOO, WWWY and TWB?  |Read More


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The mission of the Women’s Journal is to be the objective, informative, and educational resource for the women of the St. Louis and St. Charles region. Our focus is on providing high-quality articles that are of interest to women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity.


Karen Kelsay"The response from the Women's Journals advertising has been so incredible that the new autism center is booked solid for the next several weeks. If you are looking for a way to reach your target market, look no further than the St. Louis and St. Charles County Women's Journals"
~Karen Kelsay, Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic


I absolutely love the Women's Journals and am always anxious for the new issue to come out. I always know I can find valuable information for me and my friends within the pages. Thank you!  ~Jane Kirk

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