2015 St Lou Fringe Fest Productions


Midnight Company performs “House.” His mother is possessed by the devil. His father is the saddest man in the world. His sister is in love with a dog. The one he loves doesn’t love him…and he has nowhere to live. A comedy nightmare – a troubling portrait in which ties that bind terrorize the human heart.

MICDS performs an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland created by Andre Gregory and the Manhattan Theater Project in 1970. Performing in the round, these young actors tell the story of Alice as she comes of age on the path from the rabbit hole through the looking glass.

Random Acts Theater: “Origins of Love” is a new cabaret performed by  former St Louis resident actor Khnemu Menu-Ra. Mr. Menu-Ra celebrates 20 years onstage with the words of Shakespeare and music from Sondheim, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and more.

Poor Monsters presents “…Or What You Will.” Shakespeare: literary master or monkey with a typewriter? How about twelve badass vagina-wielding playwrights in St. Louis? Come see “…Or What You Will” and choose your own adventure of sketches inspired by Twelfth Night — all written, produced, designed, and performed without Y chromosomes.

The world premiere production from My Best Enemy Productions, “Existentially Speaking” dives into the mental crevices and caverns we all have to navigate while expounding on the difficulties of life, death and the meaning we struggle to find in between.

Carl Wickman: “Candy Says” In the near future, a reserved man hires a robotic prostitute named Candy to fill his lonely night.

ERA’s MOSCOW! Is a drinking game version of Chekhov’s “the Three Sisters.” Olga, Iryna and Masha are sisters living in a small town in Russia. They spend a lot of time talking about how they really want to go back to Moscow, where everything is better.

Blair Godshall performs the one-woman show ODDyssey, a tale of odd jobs, odd skills and odd people. Join her as she faces screaming children, dangerous heights, sexist midterm papers, even more sexist bosses, extra hot coffee, expensive glass and reasonably priced sausages.

MonTra Performance: “Paper Glass” follows 10-year-old Alex White growing up in a world where nonsense appears to be the norm. Alex struggles to understand the adult world. Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass is reconstructed into a story of discovery and acceptance of a young girl’s learning disability.

Monkey Tales Theatre Company: “Meeting Reed.” Reed is a typical young boy having his first day at a new school. The only problem is that the other kids don’t see him as a typical young boy. Can a little magic help Reed get through the day?

Holy Upside Down Theatre Company           performs “The Unknown.” Inspired by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, Anne Bogart and Jerzy Grotowski, this piece explores the lives of four astronauts as they embark on a groundbreaking mission.

Hiroshi Tada: Art of Top Spinning. A unique ethnic art of family entertainment performed with a plain, primitive toy top and a rope. The routines include various magical, breathtaking feats not found elsewhere.

One T Productions: “Men Will Be Boys.” Sexism, misogyny, night-clubbing, and video games, and men who could use some help behaving better. Men Will Be Boys is an entertaining, yet critical look at how young men and boys are shortchanged by institutionalized sexism.

Siobhan O’Loughlin performs an interview-based solo show featuring the stories of thirteen different survivors of Hurricane Katrina: “The Rope in You Hands.”



Creepy Basement Players are an improvisational comedy team in St. Louis that combine storytelling and character development to create original comedic pieces in every performance.

A Literal Miracle Stand Up Comedy Show. Chris Cyr of Wild Card Comedy and Stryker Spurlock of the Contraceptive Comedy Showcase present a showcase of some of St Louis’s funniest and most promising comedians.

Nefarious Bakers Double Stuffed Improv present: “Forms 101: A Guide to Improvisational Forms and Cinnamon Rolls” featuring comedy, improv and multimedia.

Mustache Across America : Solo improv sketch comedy.

Sorry, Please Continue is like a live-action MST3K. It features amazing stories told by anyone who wants to participate mixed with commentary from some of St Louis’ funniest comedians.

Jason Adams performs “One Man Godzilla.”


AshleyLiane Dance Company : Unified in Expression This is an all ages, kid-friendly show. The performance will use movement to illustrate how dance creates community and bridges gaps between people from different backgrounds.

The Helix Effect uses theater, dance and performance art in “Embracing Contact” which focuses on the development and complexity of the human’s first sense, touch. This duet demonstrates the evolution of a relationship reconnecting physically through texture, energy and movement

Elinor Harrison performs “iLand,” about a solo performer trapped on a desert island who confronts the isolation of performing alone and the impermanence of live theater as a metaphor for issues of celebrity culture and climate change. Human vulnerability and nature’s expansiveness take on a humorous twist in this evocative work.

Core Project: <=2 (that is, less than or equal to 2). These are interdisciplinary dance and storytelling performances with no works over 2 minutes long.

Fischer Dance of Mishawaka, IN, presents “When We Were There,” a dance experience which explores the way we embody memory and re-experience our own life narratives. This concert uses modern dance, theater, live sound and video projection to highlight how our recollections shift over time and are impacted by “missed connections.”

Tapman Productions of Chicago presents “The Traveling Tap Dance Super Show” featuring original tap and live music that the whole family will enjoy. Winner of a 2014 Spirit of the Fringe Award.


Alexa McKee in Concert: R&B and pop originals are the St Louis native’s forte. In addition to original songs, she performs some well-known standards.

Michael Hagmeier takes us on a journey of sound that becomes a full-body experience in “Didgeridoo in the Dark.”

D-Rell: Failure is Not an Option: Inside the Mind of a Writer. D-Rell is an inspiring, conscious hiphop and spoken word artist who takes to the stage of inspire his audience to change the world through dedication, determination, destination and discipline.

Grand High Productions         and Vice Versa Press present “Hardcore Nerdcore,” a family-friendly musical/comedy/vaudeville performance of live-acted music videos.

The Claudettes of Chicago, IL perform “Welcome to Claudette’s Bar,’ described by Blues Music Magazine as “Like Keith Moon chasing a crazed, punked-up Little Richard…Will leave you shaking and laughing and wanting more!”