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Issues of Womens Journal - St. Charles and St. Louis, MOAbout the Women’s Journal

The Women’s Journal covers the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas. The Journals seek to educate and inform you, our readers, in ways that are meaningful and relevant to the many facets of your lives.  Over the years, our contributors have demonstrated their expertise, understanding, and passion by writing insightful, objective, and thought-provoking articles.

By providing our readers with informative articles, their knowledge of local products, services, and resources available to them expands – a huge benefit from a free publication!

Our format helps readers develop an understanding of “who” a contributor is prior to making that first phone call or face-to-face visit. This is crucial to businesses that rely on the “personal touch.” While our readers are able to make educated, informed choices on who to work with, we believe our contributors stand to benefit more: they gain access to a savvy and discerning readership – the women of St. Louis and St. Charles!


Women’s Journal Mission Statement

The mission of the Women’s Journals is to be the objective, informative, and educational resource for the women of the St. Louis and St. Charles county regions. Our focus is on providing high-quality articles that are of interest to all, to women of all ages, backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities.

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