Barter For Your Business Needs & Watch Your Company Grow!
by Ardell Taykowski

Many small and medium-sized businesses today are finding ways to help save dollars without cutting the quality or quantity of their products and services.

They are doing this within barter networks where they can connect with over 100,000 other businesses. The barter industry has grown rapidly over the past several years, both domestically and internationally.

More and more people are talking about Barter! But WHY?

Barter has helped so many businesses save thousands of dollars per year, which helps them expand to the next level. I personally have helped clients START UP their businesses, WITH EVERYTHING COVERED BY BARTER!

Over the past 18 years that I've been in the industry, I have been a part of some AMAZING things! Knowing HOW to use barter is the key to growing your business and improving your lifestyle!

How it works: Absolute Barter Company sends you new business (business you would otherwise would not have) from our barter network.

The beauty of barter is that you DO NOT have to need, want, or accept what the other company has; you earn your RETAIL dollar value for the sale of your product or service. These dollars earned are placed into your barter bank account to use with ANY of the other barter partners, locally or world-wide.

What’s YOUR benefit? Now that you have earned trade dollars, you will use trade currency instead of your cash currency in your bank account!

Example; Let’s say...with your product or service, you earn $100.00 and your “out-of-pocket wholesale cost” is $25.00. On a sale to the public, your profit is $75.00.

Now – Let’ say you need pest control and it costs $100.00. You pay your pest guy with a check or your debit card and $100.00 is definitely coming out of your bank account.

The barter scenario for the same transaction is: With your product or service, you earn $100.00 in barter dollars and your "out-of-pocket wholesale cost” is still $25.00

You pay for the same pest control and it still costs $100.00 BUT, you pay with your earned trade credits from the network. This only costs you your out-of-pocket wholesale cost of $25.00!!!

AGAIN - Your CASH from your everyday cash- paying-clients STAYS in the BANK!

You’ve paid $25.00 (wholesale cost for your product/service) + $12.00 for our 12% service fee = $37.00 out of your bank account INSTEAD of $100.00.

Questions? Please let me answer them for you!

Ardell Taykowski is the president and owner of Absolute Barter Company. She has extensive experience working in the barter industry and is a Certified Trade Broker. Contact her at 636-410-9393 or