With our children going back to school, once again we settle into our daily routine…And that routine can be hectic! Rushing home from work to make dinner and then rushing off again to sporting events or Scout meetings or band practice or any of the myriad of activities that fill families’ schedules.

Barter can help with making your days run a bit smoother.

Pick-up dinner on your way home and treat your family to pizza night!

Birthday party or other special event planned? Cakes and desserts are available through our local barter network!

Wouldn’t you rather spend your precious free time with your family, instead of on errands and chores? ABC has you covered! Our members include:

Ÿ  Pet sitters and dog walkers

Ÿ  House cleaning services

Ÿ  Landscaping and lawn services

Ÿ  Home repair

Many of the people that are in our network find that barter enhances their lifestyles, making it possible to do things they otherwise would not be able to do, or do as often. Absolute Barter Company has member hotels and B and Bs throughout the country. This means you can take multiple vacations a year instead of one. We have restaurants and cafes in our barter network, so going out to dinner can be a regular event, not just an occasional treat.  

Do you own a business? Are you planning to start a business? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, but cash flow is a problem, seriously consider barter. Absolute Barter Company has many members who provide business services: attorneys, accountants, web developers, graphic designers, printers, and many more. You can trade your products and services for products and services you need. Let us show you how it works!

Make your life easier and get in the barter network!

For more information visit www.absolutebarter.com

Contact Ardell Taykowski – 636-410-9393