How Your Relationship with Money Could Be Blocking Your Business Growth - by Jennene R. Macklin

It was in a coaching session that I discovered an understanding of how our relationship with money affects our ability to be successful in business. In the scenario I offered, I suggested that it all starts with the fact that quantum physics says that everything is energy.

To help make this really clear, I want you to go back to my point about everything being energy. Now think of someone you love, or at least someone you care about. Visualize them as if they were across the room from you, and ask yourself how you would know what they feel toward you. It would be their energy. Or think of that person—you know, the one that you just don’t vibe with. You hear yourself say, “I don’t know what it is, but it’s something about that person’s energy.”

In your daily interactions you are accessing the energy of others and using that data to determine how you will or will not interact with them. What if I told you it was the same thing with money? The only difference is you may not be aware of this relationship. Now take either of those scenarios and apply it to the relationship—i.e., energy— you have or feel toward money.

Some of the common scenarios I’ve heard over the years go something like this:

• Money comes and goes; it’s not consistent.

• My prices need to be higher, but I don’t think I’ll keep my clients.

• Money is hard to make as an entrepreneur.

• I hate having to ask people to purchase from me.

• I have money, but can I make more?

In every relationship there are key elements to enhance success, such as communication, honesty, cooperation, and even confidence. Your relationship with money is no different. Unknowingly, many people are at odds in their relationship with money. Think of a bad marriage in which two people are always arguing, resentful, and angry. Other people are out of alignment because of their unconscious beliefs or sabotaging beliefs. Think of trying to stand up and sit down at the same time. Then I’m also aware of other people who don’t think it requires that much attention, so they neglect the care and accounting necessary for their money to grow and increase. These are just a few of the money relationship scenarios that I am aware of.

 In the end, the significance of your relationship with money is vital. Think for a moment how your relationship with money would impact and influence your decisions in your business pricing, or in your services. Or even in your household management or your small business. One of the actions you can begin immediately is simply to be on the lookout for repetitive patterns relating to your money. Specifically, look at your relationship habits with your cash, versus using your credit card or debit card. Awareness is the first step to shift your relationship with money for greater business growth.

About the author: Rev. Jenenne Macklin is a Transformational Speaker, a Spirit and Riches Coach (www.spiritandriches. com) and author of Let’s Get You Happy First. She will be conducting an immersive money-training workshop at Gateway to Dreams. Topics include:

• Your Relationship with Money: Are You Holding Onto Self-Limiting Beliefs?

• Your Personal “History With Money” Story: What Steps Should You Be Taking NOW, to Bring More Money into Your Life

• For Our Entrepreneurs: Why Are You Not Charging the Real Price for the Value of Your Services?

Her workshop is on March 30, 2017 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 at the Business Lodge in Chesterfield Mall. Visit to register or for more information.