Absolute Barter Company (ABC) is a network of nearly 450 business owners locally here in St. Louis. Through our network, you provide your product or service, dollar for dollar, at retail value.

We send you new business you otherwise would not have. Your earned dollars are in "trade credits" that are deposited in your barter bank account.

You then use your trade credits with any of the businesses in our network–locally and worldwide. Our ABC clients have even taken frequent vacations using barter dollars to pay for the accommodations, food and entertainment!

The following ABC client offers are a small example of products and services you can buy with your earned trade credits:

• Carpet Cleaning

• Pest Control

• Printing

• Restaurants

• Heating & Cooling

• Plumbing • Electrical

• Handyman

• Advertising & Marketing

• Accessories & Jewelry

• Chiropractic Services

• Catering

• Lawn-Service

• Landscaping

• Vacations

• Florists

• Massage Therapy

• Hair Services

• Eye Doctor

• Dentist …and so much more…

Why limit what you can trade for? Call Absolute Barter Company to get more information about the benefits! Find out how trade works for YOUR industry. You have questions, we have the answers! Call today 636-410-9393 Ask for Ardell!