Making Financial Sense: Aging and Your Finances

James C. Knapp, AIF®

I thought it important to focus this month’s article on Aging Well and what that may mean to your financial future.

As we age, the greatest benefit is the accumulation of knowledge and experience. From this knowledge and experience, we are able to learn from our past mistakes, and hopefully, make more informed decisions in the future.

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent?

The best reason for working with an independent insurance agent is FLEXIBILITY! Independent agents offer a wider range of products from a variety of companies, making it easier for you to select what will work best for you and your situation.

Absolute Barter Company (ABC) is a network of nearly 450 business owners locally here in St. Louis. Through our network, you provide your product or service, dollar for dollar, at retail value.

Barter For Your Business Needs & Watch Your Company Grow!
by Ardell Taykowski

Many small and medium-sized businesses today are finding ways to help save dollars without cutting the quality or quantity of their products and services.

How Your Relationship with Money Could Be Blocking Your Business Growth - by Jennene R. Macklin

It was in a coaching session that I discovered an understanding of how our relationship with money affects our ability to be successful in business. In the scenario I offered, I suggested that it all starts with the fact that quantum physics says that everything is energy.