Well, this may be your big chance! The Missouri Pageant Alumnae Club is looking for Missouri women over the age of 60 to participate on the July 12, 2015 in the Ms Missouri Senior America Pageant! 2015. Senior women are a vital part of the Missouri community.  They love living life to the fullest and want to share this spirit ... Read More »

Low Vitamin D levels and Depression Linked in Young Women, New OSU Study Shows

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A new study from Oregon State University suggests there is a relationship between low levels of vitamin D and depression in otherwise healthy young women. OSU researchers found that young women with lower levels of vitamin D were more likely to have clinically significant depressive symptoms over the course of a five-week study, lead author David Kerr ... Read More »

Dem Bones, Dem Bones: How Perimenopause Can Reduce Bone Density

It’s a myth that women have to lose bone density and mass as they age. However, if women don’t pay attention to their bodies as they move into their mid-life years and beyond their bone density will diminish, leaving them at risk for osteoporosis. Both men and women lose bone density as they age. Women are at particular risk because ... Read More »

Good Help Is Easy to Find When You Know How to Look For It

Over the past 15 years, nearly two-thirds of new jobs have been generated by small businesses. Yours may be one of them. That’s good news for your local economy; for your customers whose expectations for quality service are higher than ever; and for you, as you can focus your energies on other priorities. If you’re considering adding to this trend ... Read More »

Decoding Your Taxes, Health Care Law

Taxpayers get help with IRS Free File   (Family Features) You don’t need to be an expert on taxes or the new health care law to get it right. The Internal Revenue Service, in partnership with industry-leading companies, is offering free tax software that will do the hard work for you. It’s called Free File, and it’s available only at ... Read More »

How to Protect Your Facebook Profile from Identity Theft

Let me start with a true story…. Recently, when checking out activity on Facebook, I noticed a friend request from someone whom I thought I was already connected to. This particular person was a very special person in the St. Louis business community who had recently lost her battle with Cancer. Not sure if her family was reorganizing her profile ... Read More »

Wake Up: Question Everything

When you were a child, you had a sense of wonder and thought nothing of asking lots of questions, maybe to the consternation of your parents and teachers.  You likely received mixed messages about this, one minute being praised for your curiosity, then in the next being scolded, judged and even punished. It’s no wonder you lost the capacity to ... Read More »