Women Are Not a Niche Market—They ARE the Market!

Women's Journal is the only publication in the St. Louis/St. Charles metro area specifically focused on and targeted to women. We offer businesses the unique opportunity to reach this important consumer group through informative, educational articles ("advertorials") as well as display ads on our website and in our publication.


  • Are written in the "voice" of each advertiser

  • Are published under the advertiser's own byline

  • Establish you as an expert in your field, sharing your knowledge

Print Display Ads:

  • Reach decision-makers in a branded and visual way

  • Are available in a variety of sizes and layouts

  • Can be combined with advertorials and online ads for maximum exposure

Online Display Ads:

  • Provide an opportunity to reach our digital-only audience

  • Are more dynamic and easily changed from month to month

  • Offer an opportunity to visually show off your product or service

Advertise Here: Women are not a niche market, they are the market.

Publication Numbers & Reader Demographics

Copies Published
Household Income of $100,000+
Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Age 35-54

Women as Consumers

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from autos to healthcare:

  • 91% of New Homes

  • 80% of Healthcare

  • 65% of New Cars

  • 89% of Bank Accounts

...But women still feel that many companies don't "get it."

  • 66% feel misunderstood by healthcare marketers

  • 74% feel misunderstood by automotive marketers

  • 84% feel misunderstood by investment marketers

    Source: Yankelovich Monitor

If you could speak directly to these decision makers, would you? If your answer is yes, then include The Women's Journal in your marketing strategy.